Our history

Apex embarked on a mission in 2015 to identify gold mineralized systems in Tanzania with the potential for near-term gold production. Success has led to a new chapter in the growth story – construction of Chunya region’s largest and most technologically advanced gold processing plant that will effectively double gold recovery and increase processing capacity and financial returns.

Our future

Apex’s vision is to expand gold exploration and production in Africa and beyond. The Chunya gold plant expansion currently underway is designed to dramatically increase ore throughput, gold recovery and flexibility to expand gold production.

Premier Gold Explorer and Producer in Tanzania

Creation of a “hub-and-spoke” model to leverage plant infrastructure to maximize efficiencies and minimize cost of gold production from multiple mining assets in Tanzania.

Tanzanian Gold Corporation

Construction of Carbon in Leach (“CIL”) plant to double gold production from existing assets over the next 12 months.

Tanzanian Gold Corporation

Identification and acquisition of a JORC-compliant gold resource to further expand production.

Expand exploration to identify new gold resources on existing projects.

Create Value for Gold Stakeholders

Opportunistically look to add new gold projects in stable jurisdictions worldwide (3-5 years).

Create Value for Gold Stakeholders

Our process

Focused on safety, Apex’s current processing method, uses gravity recovery and borax smelting which is effectively environmentally benign. With completion of the plant expansion, outlined below, the annual gold production rate is projected to increase significantly in 2023 and beyond.

Our facility

Apex’s state-of-the-art, wholly-owned gold production facility is located in the village of Itumbi in the heart of the Lupa goldfield, Tanzania’s second largest goldfield. We are in the process of completing our gold plant expansion to effectively triple ore throughput and dramatically increase gold recovery.

The addition of a CIL processing circuit has the potential to increase total gold recovery to 96%, almost doubling gold recoveries achieved in the existing gravity and vat leaching process. The expansion program is scheduled for completion in mid-2023. Having the region’s largest and most technologically advanced gold processing facility will also open up new opportunities to process ore and improve financial returns from the surrounding region via a hub-and-spoke business model.

Premier Gold Explorer and Producer in Tanzania